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Bernardston Unitarian Church

Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

"Into the Future" Art Sale to benefit Meetinghouse Art Projects.

Sunday Mornings-Coffee at 11:00, Service at 11:30

Summer 2017

July Services 11:30am
Rev. Steve Wilson will be with us preaching on July 16th and 30th. 11:30am  Lynne Walker Music

Sunday, July 16th Rev. Steve Wilson Living A Life of Meaning. Built upon my own experiences of balancing comfort and calling, negotiating pride and humility, finding a balance of tradition and adventure, and mind and heart this Sunday we touch the challenge that living simply brings.Today we are offered an opportunity to examine where our comforts and routine play against the balance and challenge presented by the spiritual path.

Sunday, July 30th Rev. Steve Wilson Humanism- Humanist Manifesto Back in the Day, think, a few brave souls who had had enough of false church piety, who knew you could be ethical without being sacramental, sat and signed “the humanist manifesto” a document that declared not that God was dead, but perhaps a touch more unreliable than a human trained on the good.Many of them were Unitarians. Come. I promise not to bore you too much. ( Rev. Steve's last service until his return engagement on January 7th.)

August Services 11:30am

Sunday, August 13th Dan Tinen:"Through the Eye of a Needle:  Spiritual Economics

Sunday, August 27th,  Barry Dietz: "The Seven UU Principles: Number One."

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