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Upcoming schedule: Fall 2017

Sunday, October 1, Jean Wahlstrom Leads the service and a hike at Mt. Pisgah after the service. Bring a sandwich and your sneakers or hiking boots!! A wonderful chance to view Fall foliage at its peak! Rev. Jean's sermon topic:" Lighten Your Load" Each of us has a set of things we are comfortable carrying around with us. Now and then, by choice or happenstance, we have to lighten our load. There will be risk, and we will learn. How wondrous! Lynne Walker, music

Sunday, October 8, Service at 11:30 am Coffee at 11: Dan Tinen "Through the Eye of a Needle: Spiritual Economics". The world is experiencing an increase in economic inequality. What role can religion play in confronting this problem, and what morality should be our guide in economic matters? Dan Tinen will present his thoughts on this topic that is at the root of so many other problems we face in the 21st century. Lynne Walker, Music

Sunday, October 15, Service at 11:30 am Coffee at 11; Barry Deitz, UU Principle # 3 "Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations" Music, Lynne Walker

Sunday, October 22, Service at 11:30 am Coffee at 11, Jim Scott Music & Service led by the UU Singer, Songwriter

Sunday, October 29, 11:30 am Pioneer Valley Poetry Noted Local Poets share their new works with us: Jim Bell, a poet from Bernardston and author of "Crossing the Bar", "Landing Amazed"and "After a Long Season". Trish Crapo a Leyden poet and photograher and columnist for The Recorder, author of "Walking through Paradise Backwards"

Following the Poetry Reading Sunday, will be our first meeting of a newly formed book group. We have a long list of wonderful new books to explore, the first of which we will discuss on the 29th at a Pot Luck Lunch after the Poets. Book #1 will be "Unbelievable" by Katy Tur ~ MSNBC Reporter who was assigned to the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign.

Save the date: Saturday Feb. 10, 2018 Cabaret . Don't make any other plans for Valentine's Day than to support the Bernardston Unitarian Meetinghouse Fundraiser with the Boston-based upcoming and very talented jazz/funk/pop duo, "Three at Home"

October is Unicef month. We will do our annual Halloween collection and designate the funds to our Island Americans, restoring fresh water and food for the children in hurricane stricken Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

Our Fall 2017 Programs will feature Rev. Jean Wahlstrom, Dan Tinen, Barry Dietz, Jim Scott as well as guest speakers, hikes and art workshops.
Rev. Steve Wilson returns for one winter service on January 3rd, and two summer services next year.

Weather updates at or call 413-330-0807

Peace Mantra: "To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance." -Buddha

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